Fintech Solutions

Apna Tax

Turnkey software development and comprehensive ongoing technology support provided to Digital Tax Services (Pvt) Limited, Pakistan.  This recently launched solution is for online filing of tax returns by individual filers in Pakistan.

Trade Compliance Navigator

Turnkey system developed for banks in Pakistan in partnership with BankT&D Consulting Limited, UK. It automates processes for Trade Based Money Laundering compliance and all Trade regulatory reporting to State Bank of Pakistan.

Trade Compliance Navigator, automates regulatory requirements for international Trade Based Money Laundering (TBML) compliance as mandated by State Bank of Pakistan. Please click here for details.

Trade Compliance Navigator is integrated with internal IT systems of banks as well as with current WeBOC and new Pakistan Single-Window (PSW) systems for import and export trade transactions

Trade Compliance Navigator leverages multiple automated data sources. It is also powered by Price Assessment, Dual Use Goods and Vessel Compliance Screening data from Internationally renowned data provider IHS Markit. Please click here for press release.


Journal Entry (JE) Testing Tool

A comprehensive tool designed to provide end to end Journal Entry testing and analysis capability for audit department and firms. The system allows the users to design their own tests, to analyze ERP / accounting data and identify audit risks. The system supports multiple customers through segregated databases and has full archival support and audit trails.